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"London-based soprano Victoria Songwei Li as the titular Rusalka was a stunning presence. Her multifaceted acting ability, which navigated from lovesick longing through frustration and confusion to finally grief, was as moving as her singing. The unforgettable Song to the Moon (Mesicku Na Nebi Hlubokem), which came early in the first act, was beautifully rendered in Czech, setting the tone for the dramatics to unfold."
- The Straits Times, 21 August 2023, Dvorak Rusalka New Opera Singapore

"London-based soprano Victoria Songwei Li’s cameo in the Pie Jesu revealed a voice of rare beauty."
- Bachtrack, 18 September 2022, Fauré Requiem Singapore Symphony Orchestra

"Victoria Songwei Li, in a slinky satin nightgown, delivered a tour de force of a performance, capturing the audience’s attention for a full 40 minutes with no co-performers to play off of. She gave a beautifully sympathetic portrayal of the protagonist in her manic state, alternating sudden shifts between elation and desperation with natural ease. Vocally the voice projected well once it’s warmed up, with clean, crisp diction and a nuanced palette of vocal colours."
- The Mad Scene, 19 August 2022, Poulenc La Voix Humaine New Opera Singapore

"Victoria Songwei Li, on the other hand, was a perfectly feisty Fairy Queen. Both dramatically and vocally - her brilliant coloratura outshone his countertenor - Tytania was obviously the stronger partner in the marriage tonight. Li commanded the audience’s enraptured attention with an almost effortless grace and sensuality."
- The Flying Inkpot, 19 August 2019, Britten A Midsummer Night's Dream New Opera Singapore

"Soprano Victoria Songwei Li, returning from last year's triumph in Poulenc's Dialogues Of The Carmelites, was just as stunning in the coloratura role of Tytania. The range and agility of her voice were matched by an alluring physical presence that was hard to ignore."
- The Straits Times, 19 August 2019, Britten A Midsummer Night's Dream New Opera Singapore

"Victoria Songwei Li, appropriately attired in Soviet Scarlet, gave a fabulously characterful delivery of the traditional Russian song (Korobeiniki) with goes with Nintendo game, Tetris."
- The Straits Times, 8 April 2019, Singapore Symphony Orchestra/Eimear Noone at the Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

"The protagonist Blanche (soprano Victoria Songwei Li) as aristocrat-turned-novice sparkled as she alternated between hope and fear, finally finding a resolution in extreme courage."
- The Straits Times, 3 August 2018, Poulenc Dialogues des Carmélites New Opera Singapore

"As protagonist, Singaporean soprano Victoria Songwei Li's Blanche was in turn tragic, vulnerable and strong-willed and her characterization, both acted and vocal, were a pillar around which the rest of the cast's performance hung. She was utterly believable."
- The Flying Inkpot, 3 August 2018, Poulenc Dialogues des Carmélites New Opera Singapore

"Au sein du chœur se trouve quatre solistes, dont se démarque surtout la soprano Victoria Songwei Li"
​("In the choir are four soloists, which stands out especially the soprano, Victoria Songwei Li")
-, 6 May 2018, Los Angeles Philharmonic/Gustavo Dudamel at Philharmonie de Paris, France - Chichester Psalms

"the solo voices were taken effectively by Victoria Songwei Li, Anne Reilly, Florian Panzieri and William Pedersen"
- Classical Source, 4 May 2018, Los Angeles Philharmonic/Gustavo Dudamel at Barbican Hall, London UK - Chichester Psalms

"Poppea herself, played by soprano Victoria Songwei Li, appeared in multiple scenes, and had excellent vocal control in her songs. Her demeanour perfectly suited Poppea, always remaining a source of attention in every scene, easing into the rigours of her character and executing her songs well."
- Bakchormee Boy, 28 July 2017, Monteverdi L'incoronazione di Poppea New Opera Singapore

"Soprano Victoria Li (Poppea) makes a stunning debut in a major role, with a strong and clear voice to match her oozing sexuality"
- The Straits Times, 29 July 2017, Monteverdi L'incoronazione di Poppea New Opera Singapore

" the mischievous Cupid (Victoria Songwei Li, who only got to show a fraction of what seems to be a great well of vocal talent and control)"
- Bakchormee Boy, 31 July 2016, Offenbach Orpheus in the Underworld New Opera Singapore

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